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COVID-19 Safety Plan

Measures taken by Osborne Bay Pub administration for staff and public safety as laid out by WorkSafe BC

All staff are required to do a health screening check before beginning a shift and confirm that they are not exhibiting any of the Public Health Authorities listed symptoms pertaining to Covid 19.

Signage pertaining to the mandatory wearing of masks in public spaces is clearly posted in the establishment.

Signage posted in multiple places in establishment pertaining to safety instructions, occupancy limits, cleaning & disinfecting procedures, proper hand-washing, how to wear a mask, covering coughs and sneezes, and when not to enter the workplace

Safety barriers are in place where close interaction may occur


Readily accessible cleaning products for staff to use on all surfaces, including barriers, equipment, tables, chairs, debit machines, light switches, door handles, etc.


Multiple hand-washing stations and sanitization stations for staff and customers


Daily staff duty lists, including specific cleaning procedures - to be signed daily by employees and submitted to employer


Extra staff training on diligent cleaning and disposal practices where public have been in contact with any surface 


Reduction in number of customers to follow strict social distancing procedures


Modification of products given to customers to allow for more disposable and easier to disinfect products


Directional arrows and spacing markers where necessary


Modified work schedules to reduce risk to employees for their safety


Administrative staff scheduling working in isolation wherever possible


Staff training in cleaning and safety protocol within workplace and pertaining to customer and co-worker interactions


Training in when and how to wear a mask if physical distancing in not possible